December Reveals 16% Less Property Sales, Sell House Fast

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The information coming out of 2011 suggests that homeowners who are currently trying to sell house quick will have a lot to worry about in general. This impression can be supported by the approximately 16% decrease in home sales reported by surveyors for the month ending the year.

December also saw a slight increase in home inquiries being made by potential property buyers. However, this 2% increase has been largely dismissed due to the 16% drop in actual sales. These figures are coming out of a report presented by RICS, which goes on to warn homeowners of their part in stalling property sales.

The harsh reality highlighted by RICS is that the housing marketing has been flooded with even more homes in the past few weeks. The result is that houses for sale far outweigh the number of people who can actually afford to pay for them. This means that buyers are at an advantage.

That being said, sellers who fail to price their homes within a reasonable range are setting themselves up to suffer. Most housing stats are at a staggering minimum, including consumer confidence, which means that buyers could easily stay away. Even where stats seem resilient or better than previous quarters, they are still usually lower than corresponding periods in succeeding years.
The common sense notion RICS is trying to bring across is that pricing too high in the hopes of making a bigger profit is unwise, since buyers have lots of choices. However, the flip side to this piece of advice is that trying to get the full price for a property could easily doom any chances of selling it in many cases. Buyer tendency to try bargain down prices is proof of this.

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