No Foreseeable Rise in Property Prices for 2012 and Property Buyers Are Still Weary

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As homeowners wait for some form of reprieve, firms such as RICS are yet again dampening their hopes. According to its latest monthly survey, there is absolutely no indication that housing prices will pick up anytime soon. This means that those who are hoping to remove negative equity, or simply make a sale that will give them a decent sum of money on their house, may be asking for too much if they are expecting to do so this year.

The market is hardly in favour of property buyers. However, with housing prices declining, they do have somewhat of an upper hand. This is so because sellers are desperate to get rid of their hard to sell properties before they lose any more value, especially since so many are depending on the money from the sale to buy a different property, or settle debts.

With the current state of the market, many homeowners a facing numerous difficulties to just gain the attention of would-be buyers. Because of this, a lot feel forced to accept whatever offer they get. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are still trying to squeeze as much as possible out of potential buyers. The result is they are staying longer on the market. Even where the asking price is fair, some sellers are still facing resistance.

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Buyers are still weary because the house they purchase today could be worth less come next month. This means that property is not the kind of investment it once was. Unfortunately, this downturn is expected to continue for months, so they do not know when they will see a growth on their investment. Bearing this in mind, they have to be willing to keep the property for a year or two just in case no increases take place in 2013 either. They also have to consider the need for a bigger family home, or any other reason to relocate.

Whereas stagnant prices will not affect them, declines will and not many are willing to risk losing money by buying a house. Therefore, those who are willing to buy are bargaining prices down as much as they possibly can. Avoid waiting or losing more money on your own property, call Quick Cash for Properties at 0800 6528 396 for a quick sale property solution, and get money in just four to eight weeks. The call is confidential, there is no obligation, and no risk. We understand your need for money now, so let us help you.






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