Unemployment Set to Fall While Benefits Decrease, Sell House Fast

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There is a large number of families that are barely holding on financially because one or all bread winners became jobless. For some, government incentives play a big part in covering necessities even if not all are met, and these families face a lot of tough decisions daily as mortgage arrears rise, other bills pile up, and the job outlook worsens. Yet, in the coming months they may see a number of welfare reforms that could make their already dismal situation more hopeless.

A number of Acts could see reforms that will restrict the amount each household collects regardless of the number of children living their. With so many families struggling to make mortgage payments, a weekly £500 cap (£26,000 annually) to cover housing and child benefits, as well as job seeker’s and carer’s allowances simply means that more households may be uprooted. Those with less children may be able to survive, but large families that rely on this benefit will undoubtedly have greater hardship.

Besides the cuts, some wait periods may be shortened while others (especially those that specify when someone will start receiving benefits) may increase. The government’s aim is to cut spending wherever possible, and the fix a system that the current PPM does not think is “fair.” The debates are ongoing, and not everyone supports the decisions, but the fact that they have been tabled says a lot about how the financial crisis of the layperson is being viewed, and “cash strapped” the government considers itself.  Whether justified or not, it supports the claims by experts that the UK’s economy will worsen this year.

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